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Fund for students

The Fund for Knowledge and Success is for outstanding students who, in addition to receiving education, mentoring, and scholarships, will develop excellence in a various field and will contribute to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future growth.

The best students from Bosnia and Herzegovina will have the opportunity to fulfill their career goals, realize innovative and creative ideas and initiatives, and create new values through this project’s scholarships, assignments, and planned internships in Bosnia and Herzegovina and throughout the world.

The Bosna International Forum, in collaboration with BiH organizations and people around the world, will provide internships and professional development opportunities in international capitals for the brightest students from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, trips and exchanges with domestic and international faculties and universities are planned.

One of the project’s goals is to build camps and summer schools for children from the BiH diaspora, with mother tongue classes, history classes, and trips to cultural landmarks in the country.

We maintain our identity, remember our roots, demonstrate the power of belonging, and instill the virtue of unity in children.

Favorite summer camp activities:

BHFest of knowledge and success

The BHFest of Knowledge and Success is an initiative that has already begun and will become an important feature of the BiH Diaspora Days in the future. It is a celebration of BiH citizens’ greatest achievements and successes around the world in numerous disciplines, as well as citizens who returned to their homeland and accomplished specific results the previous year.

If you want to apply as a donor, please join us:

Note: Each donor will be informed of all student and pupil activities and tasks, as well as receive regular updates on the utilization of donated funds.


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