As part of the “Diaspora Days” event in Živinice, a round table discussion was organized on the topic “Investment Opportunities and Perspectives in BiH”. The participants emphasized the economic potentials of the municipality of Živinice and investment opportunities in our local community.

Mayor Samir Kamenjaković stressed the importance of maintaining a connection between the homeland and the diaspora in all areas. Everyone is equally important, but our people living and working abroad must be pushed and motivated to invest in their homeland, in their motherland.

The project Bosna International Forum was presented at the round table titled “Investment Opportunities and Perspectives in BiH,” and a working meeting on launching the Diaspora Service in the municipality of Živinice was held the same day in the mayor’s office.

Bosnia and Herzegovina already has a very strong diaspora that exceeds two million people living and working around the world. This is a huge potential that must be used by the authorities of our country for the prosperity of this country. Institutes must be established at the state level with a well-designed strategy for all kinds of relations between the homeland and the diaspora, making this connection strong and beneficial to all.

The round table discussion concluded that the municipality of Živinice is one of the best examples, a pioneer, and a role model in strengthening ties with our diaspora.