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Project 5525

Project 5525 is already tested concept of investing in smaller and / or larger projects or small and medium enterprises. All participants in the Project find their interests through savings, profits, existence, starting business ideas and the use of existing resources in partner local communities.

A principle that already works

Several initiatives based on this idea have been successfully implemented, demonstrating that Project 5525 is both meaningful and functional. The principle of project implementation is feasible in the sense that experts from various sectors, through the VISION BiH 2030 project and in collaboration with partner local communities who will provide resources, will offer ready projects to all registered users through the Bosna International Forum’s network. All of the beneficiary associate members are possible investors and partners in the initiatives that are being presented. The amount of investment and the number of project participants are not predetermined or regulated.

Choose a project and join as partner-investor

Investors enter the founding and ownership structure of a new legal entity in the form of a D.O.O. or D.D. and thus have complete control over their investment in terms of appointing a board of directors, a responsible person who will report on the project implementation process; they can leave the ownership structure at any time and return their invested funds or sell their share, as well as change the board of directors, administration, or responsible person. As a result, they have complete control over their investment during the project’s realization.

The entire process of investing in chosen projects is transparent, straightforward, and well-defined.

Symbolism of the number 5525

The number 5525 has a symbolic meaning. If we assume that 5,000 Bosnia International Forum affiliated networks from around the world are interested in investing in a project with a participation of 5,000 EUR or more, we arrive at a total of 25,000,000 EUR, enough to start dozens of new small and medium businesses and create an unlimited number of new jobs! Isn’t it fantastic?

5.000 members x 5.000 EUR = 25.000.000 EUR

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