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Vision BiH2030

The vision is not only a picture of the future we want, but also a belief in realizing our own potential. Having a vision often means seeing what is (still) invisible to others.

VISION BiH2030 is a project that presents the appearance of Bosnia and Herzegovina over the next ten years – with realized ideas, projects and solutions to existing problems and the current situation. We want you to see the same way we do. A clear vision means having more hope and less fear.

VISION BiH2030 is in fact a ten-year plan of prosperity and development strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The VISION BiH 2030 project aims to form bodies, commissions and working groups composed of experts from all spheres of society:

  • science
  • economy
  • culture
  • art
  • policy
  • academic citizens
  • education
  • sports, etc.

VISION BiH2030 is a ten-year plan of prosperity and development strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fundamental purpose of the VISION BiH 2030 project, which is based on the 5525 project, is to establish a better environment and positioning for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world, looking a decade ahead, rather than dealing with everyday politics.

Economic growth, health, culture and art, science, education, sports, tourism, energy, and other social issues must all be elevated to an enviable level in order to create a more attractive and positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Bosna International Forum’s network is to improve education, health, the economy, and other aspects of society through the exchange of experiences and the implementation of specialized projects.

The main goal is to discover and activate existing potentials and resources (which we do have) through existing administrative and legal processes.

All the good we have must be put to the best possible use in all segments of society, with already established tasks and goals, and through the Bosna International Forum’s network.

This strategy requires a modernization of our current research, development, and innovation methodology, which is envisioned through commissions and working groups made up of experts from diverse sectors.

With the VISION BiH 2030 and 5525 initiatives, we hope to improve the living conditions of all BiH citizens, improve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s global standing, open the door to new opportunities, and provide encouragement to young, bright people.

Do you see what we are seeing now?

Vjeruješ li da zajedničkim radom na projektu VISION BiH 2030 možemo kreirati bolju budućnost?

If you have any ideas or would like to create and participate in any of the fields as a natural or legal person, through one of the organizations, companies, or institutions, please join us:


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