Visits and meetings with religious leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina were scheduled as part of the preparations for the opening of the Diaspora Service.

The Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Vinko Puljić, stated that the Bosna International Forum initiative is ultimately an idea that will combine our country’s differences and turn them into benefits in the proper way, which, if understood correctly, will become the foundation of Bosnian society. The church has its own global network that operates inside a religious framework and can contribute to the project’s implementation once it reaches that stage.

Mr. Jakob Finci, President of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressed enthusiasm for the project, particularly because its leaders are mostly young people who have spent part of their lives abroad and are now fighting to raise awareness and the reputation of their country in the world through this initiative. Mr. Finci wished the project to be successful in every way, and offered his expertise gained from working for Bosnia and Herzegovina all over the world.

Religious communities have undoubtedly retained the connection between the diaspora and the home country by organizing events through congregations and other kinds of organizations, which makes them the most practical approach to adequately present the project.

The meetings concluded that the project must be presented through these channels throughout the diaspora in order to be properly understood and presented.